Memories & The Gray

by Sarah Wallin Huff



**May 2016 Akademia Award Winner for Best Ambient/Instrumental EP**
"'Memories And The Gray' is aptly named - its varying moods convey a rich insight into the creative mind behind the work; sometimes joyous of temperament, elsewise wistful, but always inventive."
Enjoy Sarah Wallin Huff's electronic music in one collection! Featuring three brand-new tracks as well as timeless favorites.


released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sarah Wallin Huff Los Angeles, California

Violinist, violist, and 6-string electric violinist since 1990, and professional composer since 1993. Sarah’s work has been performed across the States and abroad, including the Exeter Phoenix Auditorium in Devon, England. Her music includes solo works, chamber ensembles, electronica, & orchestral/concert band pieces. ... more

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Track Name: Born of Everyman (from The Book of I OST)
Born of Everyman, I am No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Fluid, I am All; And I’m Nothing, I am lost among the Foam.

Can I know who I am? Shadows covered by the White... I cease to exist; our faces become None.
Born of Everyman, I am No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Sinking, I am All; Yet I’m Nothing, Peeling layers of my soul away.

...Fire helps us to forget.... I am Everyman, and I’m No-one; Yes, I’m No-one. Light shines in my brain; Ever, will I? I’m a Book without a Name.... Can I know who I am?
Track Name: GrayScale
Wind-swept chill,
Running through the streets as broken glass, Cuts to the bone, Wreaking havoc on my path.
Mental node, Framework programmed, Portals, plug me in! Grid-like plane, Concrete rise, Numb my heart and mind.
Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatma Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

[We are calling on the highest energy, of all there is
The formless Consciousness of the universe, Pure love, bliss and joy; The supreme creator Who has incarnated in human form to help guide mankind, Who comes to me in my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask;
The divine mother, the power aspect of creation, Together within, The Father of creation which is unchangeable and permanent; I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.]

Bound in this maze,
Structured freedom is fool’s paradise. Man-made Machine Holds the key to my demise.
Holding on, Pushing back, Poisons of the soul. Letting go, Letting be, Heaven opens from inside!